Wedding photographers Venice Italy


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Wedding photographers Venice Italy

An excellent photo is one of the most important components of a wedding, these pictures will be the largest souvenir of the day.

The album of the wedding will be close in the future, so the choice of  Wedding photographer is very important.

There will be many photos taken by relatives and friends who are nice and will make a collection of less formal moments of the day. In any way, since it will never be repeated this day, you should not trust the “Uncle John” and his disposable camera, hire a professional Wedding photographers Venice Italy.
Remember to bring the photographer on the spot where the wedding will take place, both to the church / town that the place of receipt. In this way you have the opportunity to understand what are the most suitable place, as the light etc..
Questions to ask the photographer before choosing the right one:
What is the main style of photography – traditional, direct, or posing? (choose someone who has your same tastes)
What is the philosophy of the photographer to resume the marriage? (This question will tell you the experience and passion for his work as a photographer)
The photographer is shooting in black and white, color or any two?
How independent? Wants you to explain exactly what to do, or prefer to be free to choose him?
Ask if the photographer with whom you are talking about will be what will resume the marriage.
Has already an experience in photographing weddings? (Experts say that a beginner is a risk)
How many marriages will resume on the weekend of your wedding photographer, or the same day?
Ask if the photographer is available to you the photos that you specify (the photos you want taken by force)
You have to ask yourself: This is a person with whom I could spend a day together? You must feel at ease with the photographer.
You have to look very good book of his previous work.
Make sure you’re watching the work of this person and not someone else who works in the same study.
If there are references, call and ask them if:
– The person was fully satisfied with the pictures taken
– The photographer taking pictures specifically requested
– The photographer has responded efficiently to the orders of copies etc …
The photos do if you have not hired a professional photographer:
– The groom with his witnesses out of the place of the ceremony (church / common)
– The arrival of the bride to the ceremony location
– The bride with her father on the walk to the altar
– The bride and groom at the altar / table of the common
– The exchange of rings
– The signing of the register
– The procession leaving the ceremony location
– Different groups just outside the ceremony location
– The arrival at the place of receipt
– The first cut the wedding cake
Then there are the traditional portraits, the bride (alone), spouses (alone) the bride and groom with both groups of parents, the witnesses all together …

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