Venice dancer portrait session

A few months ago I met Mary, a professional dancer who lives in New York. She contacted me to make a Venice dancer portrait session.

Maria moved from Mexico to New York because her great dream was to become a famous professional dancer. And with this Venice dancer portrait session she wanted to enrich her portfolio. She is an extremly talented dancer and it was so nice to capture her in this setting and we really enjoyed this unique Venice dancer portrait session! The emotion, grace, simplicity, beauty, and strength that comes out in Maria’s photos is just amazing.

Photography session in Venice

As always Venice offer a magical background and unique views for every kind of professional photography session .  We love doing unique photography. That’s why we decided to do an urban dancer photography session in Venice.

A big part of getting great images is finding the perfect setting. Research the locations you want to use before each session. Our studio is very close to an urban area on Venice. We are always finding new and creative spots there for our sessions.

If You are looking for a Venice dancer portrait session or a  Venice portraits photographer  enquiry us  using our contact page.


Just looking for a honeymoon photographer in Venice
We are from Australia and recently married. Unfortunately it rained on our wedding day so our photos were not good…
I have brought my dress with me hoping to have some photos here.
Are you able to let me know if you are available and what you would charge?
Your work is beautiful.
Kind regards

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