Once I made my first work as Italian wedding photographer, absolutely my initially photo shooting was an engagement photo session in Venice.

With the holidays just around the corner, engagement season is nearly upon us! Whether you’re engaged already or you think the big question may be coming soon, we want to offer a few tips to rock your engagement session photos we’ve learned over the years.

From what to wear to where to go, keep these eight things in mind before your upcoming photoshoot!

I had been really thrilled simply because I simply had the opportunity to interact with my couple on a private phase, however, I wasn’t convinced the best way to organize it.

After some years of working experience like a wedding photographer in Italy, I realized that planning for an efficient engagement session is a primary phase to make sure your couples really feel joyful as well take care of. And that’s my purpose.

Today, I would like to talk about a few tips to rock your engagement session photography in Italy or abroad.

Do you want some tips to Rock Your Engagement Session?

We frequently believe that our clients realize what to assume from their engagement session, but the truth is they don’t.

Precisely how could easily I expect my couples to understand how very important is usually to show up punctually, simply because I’m a natural light wedding photographer, what exactly to be dressed in, or the way to operate if I didn’t illustrate it to them beforehand?

Allow you engaged couples to know exactly what to expect so they are ready and feel comfortable for their session.


The point of the engagement session is to spend some time getting to know each other and capturing great photographs of you and your fiancée having fun together.

It’s basically a photographer date, and the images we create along the way should really resonate with who you are together at this point in your lives.  The activities you choose can be anything that you enjoy together, maybe this means starting the session off at your favorite Saturday morning café for lattes and croissants; or if a nice glass of wine is more your thing, let’s skip the coffee and head to the best wine bar in the neighborhood where you had your first date together.

It can be as active as going surfing (any surfers out there looking for a wedding photographer?), or as quiet as making Sunday morning brunch together in your apartment and snuggling in with a book and your cats.

If you’re at all unsure about an activity or are having trouble coming up with ideas, feel free to ask your photographer for a quick engagement session brainstorm!

Once I scout the engagement session location, I create a mental note, where I want to start and finish my engagement session.

I love to know where the sun is going to be at any given time. When will the sunrise, when will it set? Only “special” tool I use is the compass on my iPhone.

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