You’re engaged!   Time to celebrate and then start talking about wedding plans. 

If you are having a wedding there are a lot of little details to think about.  Where do you start?  Maybe you know you don’t want to have a large wedding and instead are planning an intimate destination elopement.  Hopefully, you’ll want to have a photographer to capture your elopement as well. 

There are so many little details to think about. Where do you start?

Finding the right wedding photographer is an essential part of the planning process, as integral as choosing a venue or finding the perfect dress.

No matter how large or small your wedding celebration is, hiring a professional photographer to capture all the love, emotion and in-between moments is very important.

Once you’ve set a date it might be time to start finding the right photographer.

Tips on Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding:

1. Have a clear idea of the STYLE you like.

This will help you narrow down the selection of photographers. Are you attracted to more traditional photography or do you prefer a documentary feel?

Is a candid style that captures the big emotions and little details to tell the story of the entire day your preference?

2. Budget.

I assure you that I understand what planning and budgeting for a wedding feels like.

There is a litany of expenses and it’s difficult to balance it all. I totally get it. When you hire an experienced wedding photographer, you aren’t just paying someone to only click the camera.

You are paying for the experience from start to finish. If your budget is smaller and you have a photographer you like, ask if he/she would be willing to create a custom package for you.

3. Make sure your personalities mesh.

Do your personalities mesh well? Your photographer is going to spend almost all day with you…. make sure you like them. Pick someone who’s work you are drawn to. Get to know your photographer.  😉  Just because your family feels obligated to use the local photographer you have known since you were a child…. doesn’t mean you need to. 

I saw this happen once and said photographer ended up passed out drunk under a tree before the reception started.  NO JOKE. 

It’s your wedding day.  Pick someone who’s work you are drawn to. 

I love getting to know each of my clients better — doing this creates great rapport which is actually important when creating images filled with REAL emotion.  When you look at a photo, I want you to feel something.

4. Ask them to see a real wedding.

It’s OK. Don’t be shy. It’s easy to post the best of the best on social media or share amazing stylized images from a stylized shoot working with amazing vendors, but what about those real moments and real couples?

Ask to see a full gallery of a real wedding that your photographer will happily share with you.

5. Review their work.

Ask your photographer for reviews. Reviews are the best way to get a sense from another couple about what the wedding photographer was like to work with on their day.

Tips on Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

Details Matter . . . .

6.  Ask about the DETAILS. 

What is included with the package?  Are the images fully, individually edited? 

Will they only be edited with an additional fee?   Will the photographer try to sell you the digital files in addition to the original package price? 

EXTRA TIP: Make sure your photographer has a contract.  For that matter make sure you sign a contract with all of your wedding vendors.

Tips on Finding The Right Wedding Photographer

I hope these 6 Tips on finding the right photographer for your wedding helps to make your planning a little easier. If you have any other questions please let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

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