It Looks like a contraption, doesn’t it?

When you look for a photographer for your wedding, the first thing you could do is to get a chance to look at his/her website or his/her social pages looking for photographs.

At that point, you find images that you like or a style that fits you, contacts him/her to make an appointment or just to have further information.

So, you go to the studio for a meeting, you can describe yourself for thread and by the way, you see the service, you watch some albums and maybe you’ll hire him. 

What if I told you that’s not the best way to pick the photographer?

Obviously, the photos and style are essential to making your choice and the title is deliberately provocative.

Have you ever thought about how important it is to choose the person before the professional?

If you just evaluate the photographs that a photographer realizes or his offer, you’re leaving the person behind the photographer, considering only the photographer – pro.

And when it happens, you risk having two problems.

On the one hand, you might live your marriage wrong.

On the other hand, you may not have the photographs you dreamed of.

Let’s try to think about it, imagine what might happen if you choose your photographer without considering the person.

How can help you to find the right photographer for your wedding?

It’s your wedding day and the pro you’ve chosen coming.

At that moment, you realize you’re going to have to spend at least 12 hours with him/her.

And we’re not talking about 12 hours only, we’re talking about your wedding day!

What if he’s someone you can’t stand?

If it were a person with whom you didn’t share some of the values and feelings?

You’d have to live your marriage with someone who is not very nice to you!

Don’t you think the day would it be exactly what you wanted it to be?

The most exciting moments ruined by an indiscreet and annoying presence, until the end of the party with the idea of not having lived it as you dreamed.

I’m sure it would be a terrible feeling because your marriage is unique and you can t go back.

Now, let’s Imagine, instead, the moment of couples photographs, the ones with your husband, to understand us.

The photographer, at least initially, is that some stranger.

And it’s physiological that there s a little barrier to separate you.

How do you think you’d feel if this stranger were to take pictures of you with your future husband?

It would be very complicated to let go and the photographs would be cold and impersonal.

No romantic smile or a look of love.

Because, a few steps, there’s someone you don t know about a camera.

Do you know what I meant at the beginning?

It is certainly important that the photographic style is what you seek, but it is not enough.

You always have to remember to discover the person behind the professional.

Do you know what happens when you choose the person instead of the professional?

Live your marriage lightly and serenity to be accompanied by a person you trust.

Moments flow like you always dreamed them and finally came to the happy end of having lived all the way you wanted.

The photographs together with the husband will be really exciting!

Because a person with whom empathy and syntonia were born took the photos, with whom you were able to let go to show all the love you feel.

Every time I meet a couple in the studio or contact me via contact page, I spend all the time necessary or I send them a question form to comprehend together if we can do one for each other.

We find each other out, we understand if I might be the right choice for them.

Only if it was, we’re talking about the service.

If you see pictures of couples that are thrilling you on my website, it’s simply because I’m not the photographer of any couple out there: I only photograph people with whom empathy is born.

Wedding in Venice

Because I’m sure to give them the photographs they want.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us how we can help you.

Are you planning your WEDDING IN VENICE-ITALY and are you looking for a Wedding photographer ??

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Do not be afraid to write to us, please fill out the form and write to us about how we can help you.

We will answer you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) and so we’ll evaluate together if there is a potential possibility for ourselves to be your Venice Wedding photographer.

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Find the right photographer for your wedding, stop thinking about the photographs that he takes!
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Find the right photographer for your wedding, stop thinking about the photographs that he takes!
How can help you to find the right photographer for your wedding day?This is the best time to write us.We have limited dates free for 2020.



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