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Country chic Wedding in Treviso Valentina e Duvan

Country chic Wedding Treviso … a fun loving couple, great friends, a beautiful space and a glorious late summer’s day and you have the recipe for creating elegant wedding imagery. Valentina and Duvan held their simbolic ceremony wedding and reception in a very rustic chic type of wedding at Villa Tiepolo Passi near TREVISO-ITALY in tha land on wine.The venue was beautifully fitted out by her florist La Boheme from Conegliano and make up and hair by Le chic from Treviso.

A wedding a little special, not religious in the Catholic sense of the word but spiritual, bound to the South American indigenous culture and to the contact with Mother Earth as the source of everything. The ceremony was outdoors, under two large trees (the tree is a key element in the ritual because it represents the link between our material and our spiritual), they were barefoot and their offer has been for water: In fact, they washed down an oak tree . Her dress was her grandmother’s lace style and with a lot of grit (YolanCris Arizona, bought at Atelier Maretti, Padua) and also all the style of the wedding  is been to ‘teach recycling and genuineness’ (flower pots were tomato’s tins, glass bottles, etc..). The wedding rings they have chosen the same style, very simple, almost rudimentary, hand-made with raw material by BonBon Boutique, Amsterdam.



What a dreamy wedding location, and the perfect mix of modern and vintage wedding photography. Great work!

I love the feel of these images! all of them just have so much to tell, a beautiful wedding!

Wow, what a gorgeous wedding! The details and traditions are SO unique. What a beautiful backdrop Italy was for all that magic!

oh my! these are gorgeous images i loved the car image and the type writter machine with the ring, wonderful wedding photography

Hi Kristina, a really boho chic country wedding!!

You’ve got a great eye for the little details. Love the vintage feel of your photos, very romantic.

Lovely wedding photography. The images have a very nostalgic old world feel. The setting in Treviso Italy is so beautiful.

Thank you Mary ann…i would invite you to visit Treviso sometimes!!